the way I heard it

Easily my favorite Discovery Channel show of all time has to be Dirty Jobs. I love it because it celebrates hard work. It profiles amazing folks who went left when the world all seemed to be going right. And it shows us the quiet heros that make modern life both possible and livable. But mostly I love it for Mike Rowe.

Since finding success on Cable TV, Mike has launched his own foundation to drive folks towards practical skilled jobs and lifestyles. He has done a funny and inspiring Ted Talk. And more recently he's launched a short form story podcast in the vain of the classic Paul Harvey Rest of the Story Broadcasts. This series of podcasts is called The Way I Heard It and is a great way to add a five minutes of mental stimulation each week.

ian smith

for those who are ready to seize initiative. to chase their dreams, step out in faith, pursue real relationships, go on adventures, and write new and better stories with their lives.

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